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Truth in Constant Change for Now LP

Released November 13th, 2020 on Hear Here Records & Katuktu Collective.

1. Good Sex / Lima Overnightmare
2. Acid Mingus Apology
3. Offing
4. Three Sided Daydream
5. Tomorrow's Dharma Gets Lost In Today
6. Bolero's Crucifixion
7. Wa Wa Projection
8. Bande รก Part Dance Scene
9. Taoboo Remembrance

Records pressed on deluxe "Sonoran Marble" colored vinyl in a 160-gram copper & turquoise swirl, strictly limited to 250 copies. Includes lyric/photo insert and free download card for hi-res & MP3 listening.

Cassette tapes dubbed on deluxe green & gold glitter shells, strictly limited to 50 copies.

Bundles include combinations of Endlessly Won't Last for Long on deluxe 180-gram clay colored vinyl, Order of the Arrow on 150-gram mint splattered green & white colored vinyl, and There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow on 150-gram purple vinyl. Download cards and photo inserts included.

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